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The Minds Behind VERDI

VERDI’s story begins over 25 years ago in Santander, Colombia when Carlos Vera Dieppa, father to Cristina and Tomas, created a concept of handcrafted rugs made from natural fique fibers, a plant found in Curití (Santander), and copper threads so fine they have the ability to mold themselves to the woven fibers. It was later in 2010 that his children reinvented the brand by naming it VERDI in honor of their father’s last name: VERa DIeppa and by expanding the collection to handbags, cushions and tableware.  

VERDI’s handbags are inspired by Colombia’s beauty, cultural diversity and traditional craftsmanship. Each mochila is woven by artisans and requires up to 10 days to complete while the bucket bags take up to five days to make using the traditional loom. VERDI supports more than 25 families of farmers who grow, cut, comb, dry, dye and process the fiber. They only extract from the exterior leaves of the fique plant, so it can continue to live and grow, a process known as “sustainable extraction.” VERDI uses materials that are ethically-sourced and cruelty-free. Their signature metal threads are present in every design and are intertwined with natural fibers such as fique, organic silk and cotton. Today, VERDI continues to focus on the fusion of traditional Colombian craftsmanship with modern style to create pieces that define artisanal luxury.

Mochila: Pineaple Weave

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